Precious Metals

Gold and Precious Metals
Invest in Gold & Precious Metals
with a Self-Directed IRA
Gold and silver can help protect your retirement
against high inflation or an economic downturn.
Gold & Precious Metals Investment Opportunities
Your IRA can invest in the following types of precious metal options and more:
Gold Metals
  • Gold bars
  • Gold maple leaf
  • Gold eagle
  • Proof gold eagle
Silver Metals
  • Silver bars
  • Silver maple leaf
  • Silver eagle
  • Proof silver eagle
Advantages of Precious Metals
Hedge Against Inflation
Hedge Against Inflation
Precious metals may be unaffected by the potentially decreasing value of the dollar.
Scarce Asset
These assets have been stores of value for thousands of years due to their limited supply.
Increasing Demand
Increasing Demand
As other assets become more volatile, investors may move to metals for stability.
Portfolio Diversification
Portfolio Diversification
Precious metals can protect your portfolio due to their low-correlation to other investments.
Free Ultimate Guide to Gold IRAs
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Free Ultimate Guide to Gold IRAs
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