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Limited Liability Corporations

What is a Checkbook IRA?

A checkbook IRA is a powerful investing tool that gives individuals checkbook control over their account by using a single-member limited liability company LLC ("IRA LLC") or a Grantor Trust ("IRA Trust") to invest. It is ideal if you need fast access to your funds to make it easier to invest in multiple assets, receive and deposit income, and pay bills or expenses for those investments.

Why utilize a Checkbook IRA?

With a properly established Checkbook IRA, individuals find more opportunities for retirement growth.

Enjoy the freedom to make your own investment decisions in almost any asset class.
Access time-sensitive investments using real-time funding while avoiding transaction costs.
Buy and manage multiple assets without going through a Custodian, greatly reducing processing times.
Trust/LLC owners enjoy greater legal protection for their assets and investments.

How the Checkbook IRA Works

The Checkbook IRA is a perfect solution for individuals that want greater control with fewer fees.

How the Checkbook IRA Works
Self-Directed IRAvs.Checkbook IRA
IRA Account at Digital Trust (Custodian)
Add funds via IRA/401k Rollover or Contributions
Annual custodial fee
Transaction fees
Additional asset fees
Investing requires IRA Custodian sign off
Ability to transact immediately/on your own
LLC / Trust checking account
Additional Liability Protection

The Checkbook IRA Timeline

Establishing a Checkbook IRA is a relatively straight-forward process. Account setup to funding can take as little as two weeks.

Open your Self-Directed IRA

Choose the type of account that fits your needs (Traditional, Roth, etc.).

Establish the LLC or Trust

The entity is created listing your IRA as the Member/Grantor and you yourself as the Manager/Trustee. You'll setup an LLC/Trust Checking Account at a local bank.

Fund your IRA LLC / Trust

Instruct your IRA custodian to send the funds from your IRA to the entity Checking Account.

Manage your Investment Portfolio

With the IRA funds in the LLC/Trust Checking account, you will control all cash flow and investment direction on your own.

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