Self-Directed IRAs

Self-Directed IRAs
Unlock your Investment
Potential with a Self-Directed IRA
Our Self-Directed IRA platform allows investors to
take advantage of traditional and non-traditional investments.
What is an SDIRA?
An SDIRA, or self-directed individual retirement account is held by a custodian, managed by you, and allows you to invest in a wide variety of assets typically barred in an IRA. SDIRAs provide you with more opportunities to take advantages of different investments.
Limited Liability Companies
Combine the best aspects of Self-Directed IRAs with checkbook control.
Precious Metals
Gold & Precious Metals
Precious metals are considered strong hedges against volatility.
Real Estate
Real Estate
Invest in real estate like single-family homes, apartments, and land.
Private Equity
Private Equity
Take advantage of earning money by supporting private businesses.
These digital assets are revolutionizing the financial industry.
Additional Investments
Additional Investments
We offer a virtually unlimited amount of investment options.
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Key Benefits & Considerations
Private equity investment is an asset that allows you to apply your personal knowledge and expertise of the private equity market to work for your IRA.
Investing in private companies and investing in private equity allows true diversification of your retirement account.
The IRA is the owner of the private equity, not the IRA holder. Therefore, all relevant fees and costs are paid by the IRA, and all gains must remain within the IRA until the account holder reaches legal distribution age of that account.
When considering investing in private companies or investing in private equity, the IRA holder might consider factors like competition analysis, past performance, background check of the company and/or principals, markets, and more.
Many investors choose to consult a lawyer or trusted financial professional before making a private equity investment.
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