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Self-Directed Investments

What is Un-related Business Taxable Income (UBTI)?

Limited partnerships, limited liability companies and other entities that carry on an unrelated business or borrow funds to finance the acquisition of property may generate Unrelated Business Taxable Income (“UBTI”). UBTI is generally reported on Schedule K-1 issued by the entity. If the UBTI attributable to your account exceeds $1,000.00 for any taxable year, IRS Form 990-T must be filed along with the appropriate amount of tax, payable from your IRA Account. We do not monitor UBTI and does not prepare IRS Firm 990-T. If the tax is applicable, you must prepare or have prepared IRS Form 990-T and forward it to us along with written authorization to pay the tax from your account. If you are required to file IRS Form 990-T, you must apply for and utilize an Employer Identification Number (“EIN”). You may not use our EIN or your own Social Security Number. For more information on UBTI, please refer to IRS Publication 598 and/or consult your tax advisor.