Frequently Asked Questions

Self-Directed IRAs

How do I initiate a cash transfer to our platform using the paper Incoming Transfer Form?

To initiate a transfer of cash to your account with us, please complete the Incoming Transfer Form and select either Option A) Complete Transfer or Option B) Partial Transfer and select Cash.  Please enter the amount of cash you would like to transfer in the line beside the Cash option. If selecting a “Complete Transfer”, please note that we cannot hold publicly traded stock, bonds, or mutual funds. This means that all assets must be liquidated prior to submitting the request. Incoming Transfer Forms must be sent to us so that we can execute the document and include a Letter of Acceptance with our submission to your current custodian. Sending this form directly to them without our signature or letter of acceptance will result in the rejection of your transfer request. This form can be sent to us via fax or email (if the resigning custodian accepts faxed transfer requests) or mail (required if the resigning custodian requires original transfer requests).