How do I update my contact information?
Download and complete a “Change/Update Contact Information” form which can be found on our Forms page at:   Once completed, sign and submit to us: Via Email: [email protected] Via Fax: 800-777-9878 Via Mail: Lockbox #52417 P.O. Box #24812 Miami, FL 33102
What assets are available on the interest-earning platform?
We currently offer interest-earning on Cash (USD), Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH).
How do my assets earn interest?
Your account earns interest by lending your assets through our partner Genesis Global Trading Inc (“Genesis”). Genesis is the largest institutional digital asset lender in the market with an active loan portfolio of $3.8B (as of 12/31/2020). In addition to its lending services, Genesis serves as a leading prime broker in the market offering both spot and derivative execution services along with custody. Learn more about Genesis here. Your funds are sent to Genesis who lends them out to the leading institutions in the digital asset space including some of the largest hedge funds, trading firms, and exchanges and does not underwrite any retail borrowers. Genesis utilizes a robust risk management framework composed of credit underwriting standards and procedures, 24/7 collateral management systems, and live-time liquidity monitoring and the company has faced zero defaults since inception in March of 2018.
Are there minimums and investment caps?
There is a $3,000 minimum and no investment cap. We provide a full-service solution that facilitates the process for account set up, rollover of funds from an existing IRA custodian, access to our self-trading platform, and moving funds to a secure digital wallet for all retirement account types.
Where can I locate tax documents from previous years filed?
Tax forms filed with the IRS and annual statements back to 2014 can be accessed via our Online Portal.  Starting in May of 2017 with the Form 5498, forms were uploaded annually as soon as they were mailed.  If you need a copy of an annual statement or tax form filed with the IRS prior to 2014, please contact our VIP Services Team.
Why do you charge fees?
We assess a fee to custody and administer the account for the account holder. We do not receive a fee on your investment or your investment’s performance. Administration duties include the accounting for your investment, required IRS and state filings, facilitation of your investment, distribution requests, access to our Online Portal, and compliance. We charge a flat-rate annual fee to maintain your account, rather than a fee that increases based on the number of assets or the value of the assets held in your account.
When are fees due?
Your Custodial and Document Fee are due at the time of account establishment and then annually thereafter on the anniversary of the establishment of your account. Transactional fees are due at the time of the transaction.
What are the fees?
The interest rates display on our website are the rates you’ll receive (rates may change at any time, see your agreement for final rates). We charge $100 to start and $100 to stop your program.
Who is eligible for the interest-earning account?
Individuals in all 50 states are eligible, including New York, and a $10,000 minimum commitment is required.
How can I sell my interest-earning position?
Assets can be sold after they've been withdrawn. Funds require a settlement period of up to 5 days before they can be used for other purchases or to be withdrawn.
Will there be penalties for transferring my assets?
No. Your IRA funds are rolled over from your existing IRA account to a new IRA. Your funds remain in a retirement setting and will not result in any early withdrawal fees.