How do I purchase real estate within my Digital Trust IRA Account?

You can purchase real estate directly through your IRA account, have real estate transferred from an existing IRA or roll it over from a qualified plan. It may also be acquired by your IRA account as a result of a foreclosure on a mortgage or deed of trust which is currently held within your IRA account.

Will Digital Trust hold real property?

Yes. Digital Trust will hold direct title to real property, in addition to interests in Limited Liability Companies (LLC) or Limited Partnerships (LP) that hold title to real property; notes secured by trust deeds/mortgages; and interests in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

How will the property be titled if held in my IRA account?

Your IRA account is buying the property and not you as an individual. Therefore, it must be titled as follows: “Digital Trust FBO: Account holder name and Account Type”. All documents related to the purchase of the property such as the contract/purchase agreement, title commitment/insurance, liability insurance, etc. must be titled accordingly.